Friday, November 11, 2022

Jellyfish - 2022


Gesture Drawings - 2021


2021 - Figure Paintings


Skeleton - 2021


Haunt - 2021


Chakra Wonan - 2021


Chakra Alignment in Metal - 2021


Family and I

My Grandparents came with me to the Mattie Kelly art show in 2021


2021 Oil - “Daddy’s Truck”

 2021 - Oil on Canvas Paper - Elizabeth Williams - 10x8

2020 - Repetition


Older Work


Woodcut Print WIP


Monday, October 17, 2022

"Scratches" - Abstract Art Made using Hands


36in x 48in - Acrylic on Wood Panel.  Abstract work - Spring 2022, created using only acrylic paint and my hands while listening to the "Rasputin" song.

"Baby Car" - Using Powder Pigment, Glue, and Ink

5in x 6in Ink + Powdered (Semple) Pigments/Glue Depiction of my 2012 Scion IQ - which is blue.  I affectionately call it my "Baby Car" because of the adorableness of the vehicle inherently.

Photos from the NWFSC Mattie Kelly Show - "Chakra Alignment in Metal"


Various Gesture Drawings


These are gesture drawings created between 2021-2022 and mainly charcoal, watercolor + ink, and crayola crayon.  Various amounts of time spent on each but none longer than 20 minutes.

Tentacles Painting

A painting made for a show