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Friday, December 16, 2022

Finished Greece Mural
2022 | Greece Mural | Pensacola, FL | 36ft x 8ft | Oil-based enamel on wooden fence

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Assorted Recent Works

“L” Linoleum Block Print - 2022 - Elizabeth Williams
“Hula 2022” - Linoleum Block Print - Elizabeth Williams - Fall 2022

Sketch - Fall 2022 - Sharpie

WIP - Acrylic - Fall 2022

Painted Clock - 11/12/2022 - Acrylic on Thrifted Clock

Sketched Design for Lino Cut 

Mock-up for Shoreline Mural

Digital Drawing of Rosie and I

“My Voice” - Fall 2022 - Acrylic

Mandala WIP - Fall 2022 - Acrylic


Hula 2022 painting

“Fried Brain” - Fall 2022

“Sexy Skeleton” Summer 2022


“Hula Mandala - 2022”

Mural at Shoreline Grocery

Giraffe Linoleum Print

Pot I Painted

Jellyfish got a repaint 


Monday, October 17, 2022

"Baby Car" - Using Powder Pigment, Glue, and Ink

5in x 6in Ink + Powdered (Semple) Pigments/Glue Depiction of my 2012 Scion IQ - which is blue.  I affectionately call it my "Baby Car" because of the adorableness of the vehicle inherently.

"Dad's Truck" - 2021 Oil on Canvas Paper

 This is a painting I titled, "Dad's Truck" that I made using oil paints on canvas paper.  This is painted from a reference of my late father's 1971/72 Ford F100 that I have idolized since I was young.  This is roughly 16in x 20in.

Tentacles Painting

A painting made for a show