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Monday, October 17, 2022

Various Gesture Drawings


These are gesture drawings created between 2021-2022 and mainly charcoal, watercolor + ink, and crayola crayon.  Various amounts of time spent on each but none longer than 20 minutes.

Self-Portrait - Charcoal on Paper


"Self-Portrait" - 2020 - Elizabeth Williams, Charcoal on Paper

Tactile Self-Portrait


"Tactile Self-Portrait".  This was created using mainly chalk pastels - and some lipstick on pastel paper.  This was featured in the 2019 Mattie Kelly Juried Art Show at NWFSC, and was created with my eyes closed while feeling different parts of my face.

Rosie's Portrait


A portrait of my dog, Rosie that is made in charcoal and chalk pastel.  This was in the Juried Mattie Kelly Art show in 2019.

Tentacles Painting

A painting made for a show