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Monday, October 17, 2022

Photos from the NWFSC Mattie Kelly Show - "Chakra Alignment in Metal"


Various Gesture Drawings


These are gesture drawings created between 2021-2022 and mainly charcoal, watercolor + ink, and crayola crayon.  Various amounts of time spent on each but none longer than 20 minutes.

"Warhol-Inspired Fujifilm"

 This is a 2ft x 3ft Gouache painting of a Warhol-Inspired representation of a Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera.  This was showcased in the 2021 NWFSC Mattie Kelly Juried Student Show and is a venture into the pop art era of artworks.

"Dad's Truck" - 2021 Oil on Canvas Paper

 This is a painting I titled, "Dad's Truck" that I made using oil paints on canvas paper.  This is painted from a reference of my late father's 1971/72 Ford F100 that I have idolized since I was young.  This is roughly 16in x 20in.

"Chakra Woman" Painting


"Chakra Woman"  10in x 20in Acrylic on Canvas.  This was created in Spring of 2021 and I have prints available of this painting.  

"Chakra Alignment in Metal"


This was created in 2021 - using metal wire and gemstones.  3 1/2 ft tall x 2 ft tall and roughly the size of a small child.  Featured in the 2021 Mattie Kelly Student Juried Art Show, and currently resides looking over a close friend's garden.

Experimentations in Resin

 These are various experimentations using Resin that I created in 2020-2021.

Tentacles Painting

A painting made for a show