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Monday, October 17, 2022

Photos from the NWFSC Mattie Kelly Show - "Chakra Alignment in Metal"


"Warhol-Inspired Fujifilm"

 This is a 2ft x 3ft Gouache painting of a Warhol-Inspired representation of a Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera.  This was showcased in the 2021 NWFSC Mattie Kelly Juried Student Show and is a venture into the pop art era of artworks.

"Chakra Alignment in Metal"


This was created in 2021 - using metal wire and gemstones.  3 1/2 ft tall x 2 ft tall and roughly the size of a small child.  Featured in the 2021 Mattie Kelly Student Juried Art Show, and currently resides looking over a close friend's garden.

"Snorra at Suwannee" - Juried Show Participant - 2020 - Gouache on Paper


"Snorra at Suwannee" - 150 Prints Available - Gouache on Bristol Board - Showcased at 2021 Mattie Kelly Art's Center's Juried Student Show + 2022 UWF's Juried Student Show

Tactile Self-Portrait


"Tactile Self-Portrait".  This was created using mainly chalk pastels - and some lipstick on pastel paper.  This was featured in the 2019 Mattie Kelly Juried Art Show at NWFSC, and was created with my eyes closed while feeling different parts of my face.

Rosie's Portrait


A portrait of my dog, Rosie that is made in charcoal and chalk pastel.  This was in the Juried Mattie Kelly Art show in 2019.

Painting of Mother Earth in progress